Customer Testimonials

June 2019
Keep doing what they are doing. They always go above and beyond to make sure I am well taken care of, especially Cory! Honestly, change nothing. Ryan does a great job running his business and I will continue to go through them for my vehicle needs.

Lisa T
May 2019
Because of my great satisfaction with the service I receive from Rogers, I can only suggest that Rogers continue providing the quality and speed of their services. The level of communication between the service department staff and the customer is outstanding. Everything is explained completely, including any options that may exist regarding a particular repair. The staff is approachable and helpful all the time. The wait time is very reasonable and the waiting area is comfortable with nice amenities. While it may seem a little thing, there is a difficulty in taking advantage of the car washing service that is offered for vehicles purchased at Rogers. We live out of town and cannot simply return later or the next day if the facility is very busy. The perk of a car wash is very valuable and appreciated, but we have not been able to take advantage of it as often as we wish, only a couple of times outside of those service appointments since I bought the car in 2017. While it is very understandable that the perk may not be available all of the time, it is one of the reasons I chose to purchase my new car from Rogers. I do not know how you can address this issue, particularly for your rural customers, but it would be appreciated if you would consider the issue
Constance P
May 2019
I feel like I am a valued customer and am committed to continuing our relationship with Rogers Toyota for our car maintenance and future car replacement. You all are doing an excellent job!

David L
May 2019
We are currently loyal customers and plan to stay that way. We feel comfortable in Rogers Toyota Dealership and they know my name there which is key. I like to use the same service rep every time, thus establishing a better relationship, although, all of the service reps are great to work with and very knowledgeable. Rogers Toyota is an excellent Toyota dealership.

Carole S
May 2019
Keep doing what they have been doing for the past 15 years, we have no complaints

Kathleen D
May 2019
Be the same caring and thoughtful group they are as they always take good care of me and their cookies are the best.

Chris D
May 2019
Continue what they are doing. We live 325 miles from the dealership, but still attempt to have the car taken care of by Rogers. It may not always be possible.

Everett N
May 2019
Keep doing what they are doing. Been coming to Rodgers starting in 1998.

Ken K
April 2019
Great service. Friendly atmosphere. Prompt. Offering ride when needed. Love the free car wash as well!!

Wendy G
April 2019
I can't think of anything I would change. All service people are excellent. Nice waiting room! We enjoy coming to Roger's for everything we need for our Toyota.

Loretta B
April 2019
Nothing I plan to be a loyal customer. Just keep being personable, I really enjoy how nice everyone is and how they want to get to know you when they speak to you. They aren't just there to sell you a car.

Jacob V
April 2019
They did a great job I was comfortable had a play area for my 18 month old grandson is really relaxed thank you for the cookies on the coffee

Lisa W
April 2019
Rogers Toyota has always treated me fair and taken excellent care of me as a loyal customer. If they continue the excellent service that I have been used too that is all that I ask. Also, continue hiring excellent employees such as Justin in the service department. On my last visit Justin went above and beyond in taking care of my service needs.

Joseph L
April 2019
One thing to change would be bring back the oil change promotion, buy 5 get 1 free. I have 2 cars I purchased at Rogers which is 40 miles away, I drive 80 miles roundtrip to have my cars serviced. That was a nice benefit. They make me feel important when I am down there which is a nice change of pace. They snatched me from another dealership by doing that 8 years ago and I haven't been back to my local dealership since. And I drive by it to and from work everyday.
Eric E
Do whatever is necessary to keep service writer Pat Mills at his post. He is one of the very few service writers across the USA that I trust. When Pat tells me that I truly need a particular service, I usually get it. When other service writers across this country tell me that I need a service, I always independently verify it.

Ronald S
March 2019
Change Nothing. They are great especially, Blake
Debra B
March 2019
Keep Kerrie Johnson and Pat Mills-they are the best! Bar none!! Always greet you by your name and know their business. Enjoy dealing with them as they are both very helpful-not just because it is their job-but they really care.
Louis J
March 2019
They are a good company... Pat Mills is also the reason i keep coming back...i can trust him to tell me the truth about my Toyota and its needs...
Steven S
March 2019
Rogers Toyota is awesome. I've been a customer there for many years and will continue to be. They are super friendly and go the extra mile to keep me happy with my purchases and services there.
Anna H
March 2019
Still continue with the care and amenities that make them so good
Marlene M
June 2019
Nothing! From the time we arrived, we greeted with friendly staff! We enjoyed ourselves very much from Kyle greeting us and opening the door for our family to Justin playing with the kids before and after the service of our vehicle. Thank you for such a wonderful staff.”
Jessica V
February 2019
Keep Jacob covey, very professional and had good knowledge on the truck I was inquiring about
Cory K
February 2019
You all are doing a great job! The gentleman who helped me from the service department was wonderful to work with. Your staff has always been exceptional. I’m a customer for life!
Nicole B
Feb 2019
Keep being friendly and professional. Love the environment there as well.
Dakota D
Feb 2019
They are a great dealer, have purchased several cars from them.
Mary C
Great environment and people!! Happy to be part of the family!
Danielle H
Feb 2019
The staff was really great and everyone was so friendly. It was far better than the other Toyota dealerships I've been to
Michael M
Feb 2019
Stay exactly as they are. I really am a fan of Rogers Toyota, and have been since 2002.
Louise D
Feb 2019
The extra of washing my car and taking care of it all inside since it was too cold. I really appreciated that.
Sherryl S
Feb 2019
Do not change, they have the best people of any group I deal with, Today my pharmacy said they had my medication with my name on it, when I went in, they couldn’t find it. Nothing like this has ever happened at Rogers Toyota.
Jane R
Jan 2019
Rogers Toyota is always great. The facility and people are so nice that I don't even mind waiting there. You get to look at new vehicles, talk to nice people and relax in a comfortable waiting area. If you are inclined you can also have a cold bottle of water and a chocolate chip cookie! What better place to hang out!!
Jerri S
Jan 2019
I Love Rogers, they have always don't right by me, they are professional and courteous and always explain to me what is being done I really trust them with my vehicle I also really particularly like Justin in the service department he has helped me in the last several times and he's so kind and professional and always answers my questions no matter how dumb they may be I really appreciate him and I won't take my car anywhere else
Diana B
Jan 2019
Really like how friendly the staff is, welcoming, communicating, updating! Thank you so much! Thank you, Blake for the attention!
Judy P
Jan 2019
Never a problem so why go anywhere else. This is our 4th Toyota-- the last 3 we leased. We would not have returned if we were unhappy with Rogers Toyota...
Larry R
Jan 2019
Keep doing what you’re doing. I drive down from Pullman because of the high quality service I can depend on. I also appreciate the complimentary car wash!
Keri J
Jan 2019
Because they are very very nice and care and my family has done business with them since i was little. they just care
i love them
Carol D
Jan 2019
Keep up the good work! Justin at Rogers is awesome!
Ryan J
Jan 2019
When taking my vehicle for regular maintenance, it is so nice that you have a No appointment line. It is wonderful to have a service rep right there to help you when you pull up. I dropped my car off and walked to work so time was valuable. Prior to leaving I was asked a couple times if I needed a ride. I choose to walk. Thank you!!!
Mitch R
Jan 2019
Just keep doing what you are doing because it is GREAT service.
Leo B
Jan 2019
Rogers is a wonderful dealership and I don't have any sharp criticism, but this last visit I felt the wait time for what I needed was a little too long.
Christie P
Jan 2019
Keep giving me the time and personal attention I received this time. Continue to recommend only work that needs to be done. Continue to return car clean inside and out, and cleanup any oil residue outside engine after oil change appointments. Thank you.
Lowell K
Jan 2019
The sales staff and employees there are all very friendly and super easy to talk with if you need anything. Every one of them treat you like you have been great friends for years not days. Keep Kerrie Johnson around as long as you can. That lady knows her rigs and doesn’t pressure you into anything. Very low stress buying which is a big deal when you are committing to a vehicle loan these days.
Amber H.
Jan 2019
I am a customer for life based on my two experiences. Continue to be helpful knowledgeable friendly and courteous.
Laura F
Dec 2018
We love the friendliness of the people. They are quick to say hi and ask how you are doing. They open doors for you and ask what brings you in today. LOVE IT! And most call us by name. Service value and cost are key to us.
Cathy F
Dec 2018
Your techs area always friendly quick and helpful that's why I come
Randi W
Dec 2018
Keeping their prices competitive and showing interest in maintaining my vehicles. I I would love to be able to have them service/replace my audio system in vehicles.
Hunter M
Dec 2018
They are always courteous, friendly, quick to deliver service, and transport to work when I need it.
Andrea A
Dec 2018
Keep inviting me to your location by helping me set up matinence (keeping records, etc) and keep Bill Sweet around.
Hillary M
Dec 2018
I don't think there is anything they could have done better. They are a great business. Everyone at Rogers Toyota was great to deal with and all of my questions were answered and explained. I felt very comfortable buying my car there and because of the service quality I received the entire time I was there I will definitely return.
Raymond N
Nov 2018
Continue your prompt, courteous service. (I enjoy your coffee when dropping by for a car wash.)
Larry S
Nov 2018
They did a great job of reducing the amount of time it took to make the purchase. Ryan and David were wonderful.
Trevor S
Nov 2018
Each time I've come to Rogers Toyota I have dealt with Brandon. I can't say enough how great he has been to deal with. He is always extremely polite and professional.
Dale S
Nov 2018
Nothing, as I will continue to be a customer as long as I get the service I have received In the past.
Alecia J
Nov 2018
Continue to give the customers great service as they do now very impressed with their complementary shuttle service as we live 2 hours away in the middle of nowhere so when we come to have our car serviced we will be able to go shopping (Costco) instead of being cooped up in a waiting room besides I'd rather have Rogers in Lewiston service my car instead of here locally this service is important to us [quote]thank You[quote] Rogers in advance
Brian P
Nov 2018
Keep doing exactly what they are doing! Two things, Justin is AMAZING. The guy ALWAYS has a smile on his face. This doesn't just go for when we see him at the dealership, he takes time out of his personal time anytime we run into him to stop and talk to us outside of work, again, always with a smile. He goes above and beyond what I would expect of him. My husband is also very picky and he personally asked me to have our stuff switched to Justin because he thinks the guy is fantastic. Second thing, Ryan, the owner, realized the majority of our office drives Toyotas and has his guys come get each one of our vehicles and clean them one day. That is amazing service. It did not go unappreciated or unnoticed. THANK YOU Justin & Ryan!
Kyle B
Nov 2018
Keep doing what they currently are doing. Noticed scratches in door handle cups; repair scheduled and completed at no charge immediately. I'm happy!
Roger D
Nov 2018
The service and sales are absolutely amazing!! Thank you!
Karl H
Oct 2018
I was interested in looking at some of the new/used vehicles while waiting for my recall repair. Cody Newman assisted me. He was polite, professional, and more importantly, pressure-free. He's kept in touch with me, letting me know when they get something I might be interested in, but again, no pressure. As much as I love to peruse cars while I'm waiting, in the past I've avoided lingering at dealerships during repairs because of the stalker-vibe I get from car salesmen with high-pressure tactics. I've never had that experience at Rogers. I VERY much appreciate that they don't hover! I can't recommend any changes. The main reason we don't use Roger for tires/brakes/etc is distance and the need to take time off work or ruin a Saturday to travel to Lewiston. We have those services provided in our local community where I can drop off and walk to work.
Christine B
Oct 2018
Please continue to keep Jack, he is always willing to help and understands that the needs of an elderly parent is always at the forefront on any deal made
Kelly W
Oct 2018
Boy, I think they offer everything anyone would hope for in a car buying experience Keep up with the current process.
Karen S
Oct 2018
Keep Blake on the payroll. He was exceptional.
Henry K
Oct 2018
Continue current service; it's very important to have a personal connection with customers for retention. I feel that's what people want and go to service providers for that reason. Expertise to meet their vehicle needs and personal connection cannot be undervalued.
Christopher R
Oct 2018
You should continue to offer easy financing and knowledgeable sales staff. They have great integrity! Your finance guy is fabulous, too. Also, I think that your product line is top notch. I've never owned a Toyota before! I'm so excited.
Melissa T
Oct 2018
I really appreciate the positive attitudes and service received while I was there. Keep up the good work!
Ronald S
Oct 2018
Keep up with their top notch maintenance technicians that know customer service so well!
Blake R
September 2018
Just continue providing the excellent service I have been getting to date. I am very happy with the overall treatment during each of my visits to the dealership. Employees are always courteous and very helpful during my time spent at Rogers. And I find I take advantage of the free car wash policy which is offered to all Rogers Toyota customers. A nice benefit, especially to one (older) client like myself. I see no glaring changes that need to be made in order to keep me as a loyal customer. Keep up the good work!!
Leonard S.
September 2018
They are friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, explain everything, fix it right the first time, have comfortable waiting area, have beverage and cookies available, wash the car, treat me right. They are an outstanding business. I love going there and will stay a loyal customer.
Barbara H.
September 2018
Their customer service is outstanding...starting with the person answering the phone, to the sales reps, service people, and the owners. They treat us like we are the only customers and treat us like the most important customers....would never think of going anyplace else. Kerrie Johnson is outstanding and Ryan Rogers is the most caring and friendly owner!
Georgia L.
The service I received was amazing! My husband was heading out of town with our 4Runner, and it was in desperate need of an oil change. We called Toyota and Justin let us know there was a no appointment service line! Furthermore, my husband had to work the day of the service; he was able to drop me back home before he went to work and Justin had Stan pick me up. Unfortunately I didn't have an extra ca**eat for my toddler, but Toyota was understanding and delivered my car to me instead! What great service! You guys are amazing!
Jessica V.
August 2018
Saffire called me and said if I was able to get in a little early they could complete a service recall work before the auto techs went home - very much appreciated her individual effort to call me at work and help get this completed - service and all at one visit. Justin also kept me informed on future maintenance needs and status of repairs - thank you Justin, another service employee that makes an extra effort. On line scheduling would help - the site did not work on tried to use it.
Peter M.
August 2018
They do a very good job taking care of their customers. They treat the customers very nice. They know what they are doing. More cookies maybe?
Michael H.
August 2018
As long as they keep people like Cory Kelley around there I’ll continue to come back. He always goes above and beyond and makes sure I’m well taken care of!
Lisa T.
August 2018
We LOVED Blake in the service dept! They are fantastic! Everyone from the car washer kid up to the sales staff and finance people
Joanne B
Change nothing! You can't improve on perfection!! Keep up the great work!!Keep doing what you are doing!! Great people with integrity!!!!! Don't change a thing!! We were very impressed with Rogers Toyota!! Rogers is our new dealership for future purchases!!
James T.
August 2018
Keep promoting Ross Ivie within the company as he is a superb sales associate and I will buy all my cars from this young man!
Roy M.
August 2018
This is the second vehicle we have purchased at Rogers motors. We have been happy with the service provided and the over all sales experience was pleasant. Thank yo
Ricky C.
July 2018
We've been customers at Rogers for 15 years and have no complaints. We have all of our service work done on not only our 2017 Camry, but our 2003 Camry that is my husband's commuter rig. We actually had 2 2003 Camry's at one time, one was our "nice" new Camry, the other we bought used (from Roger's) to use for the commute vehicle. When our "nice" Camry became a financial total due to being hit by a City Service Vehicle, we bought our new Camry at Roger's and our son bought the body damaged 2003 to use as his commute vehicle because he knew it had been serviced regularly at Roger's, and was a low mileage vehicle. He replaced the damaged bumper and beat out the dents, and rattle can painted the damage so it wouldn't rust out, but the car is still running, commuting from Lewiston Orchards to Pullman Regional Hospital daily. We are very pleased Toyota customers, as well as pleased Roger's customers. We always appreciate the informative, friendly, attentive care we receive, most especially from Pat Mills. We recommend Roger's to friends and family.
Shannon S.
July 2018
Keep Jack T. as an salesperson and we will continue to deal through Roger's for all our vehicle needs!
Kara W.
July 2018
Continue to keep in contact and always stay true to your word as you have. Be that big dealership with the hometown feel. We will be back for our next vehicle! Keep up the good work. You guys rock! You have sold us two vehicles and we will be customers for life! Thank you Rogers Toyota and especially Thank you Brad Thompson!
Justin P.
July 2018
Such amazing follow through and honesty. Truly a great place to do business. Excellent customer service. We love David Bradley!
Jane M.
We are new customers very impressed
William T.
Don’t change anything! This was by far the best vehicle buying experience we’ve ever had! There was absolutely no pressure from our salesperson, Lanae. She answered every question we had and showed us everything we asked to see. This is what working with a salesperson should feel like and we will definitely come back because of it.
Toby V.
Be honest about work that needs to be done and provide reasonable prices. If they suggest work that is not necessary they will lose my trust and business (happened at another dealer). Pat (recently had eye surgery) is worth his weight in gold, keep him happy as I trust him and he is exceptional to deal with. He went the extra mile for my daughter’s Rav and we greatly appreciate it. He has earned our loyalty.
Angie B.
Everyone who works at Rogers always has a smile and a nice positive attitude! It’s always a warm welcome from the minute you walk in the door!! They have my business for life!
Alex G.
By all means - keep the concerned, friendly, thoughtful courtesy with which I was greeted and treated throughout this visit for service. Too often businesses (at least the employees) appear to have an attitude of "I am being bothered by your presence and want to get you out the door ASAP!" I DID NOT experience such attitude during this visit, thank you for the kindness and courtesy. After all, Rogers Toyota is the only Toyota dealership in my immediate area. To take my vehicle elsewhere would be, in my opinion, counter productive. Why go to a different dealership or even private auto service when the dealership is expected (I expect it) to be able to address any and all needs of my vehicle. I have a trust for the dealership that I do not or would not have for a [quote]private[quote] auto repair.
Larry B.
Continue to keep the customer service at it's current level. When I drove into the service bay they welcomed me by my name; first time that's happened. Make the wait time for a car wash shorter. I don't know how that would be done since the guys washing the cars work their butts off and there are a lot of dirty vehicles.
Craig W.
Just keep being courteous and informative and very polite which you already do extremely well. I can honestly say there is nothing that I would have you change. Exceptional service.
Dakota D.

Rogers Toyota is top notch in every single way. The staff is incredibly friendly. I actually trust the people that work in the service department. Rogers was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. I’d love it if there wasn’t always a huge line when I went to get my car washed but hey, a free car wash is a free car wash so I’m not complaining.
Gary B.
April 28, 2018
We appreciated the no pressure treatment we received by Jack Tousley. Keep up the good work and great selection of vehicles.
David C.
They are all wonderful so as long as everyone is great, I will be a loyal customer.
Shantelle B
David S.
April 20, 2018
I most likely would have said something to my sales team (Jammer and David Bradley) if there could be anything Rogers Toyota should do for me that wasn't already done with quality and forethought. My experience with Rogers in car shopping, car buying, car financing and new car expectations has caused me to rethink and appreciate this opportunity. Me and my new car are enjoying being with a firm that truly does care, thankfully.
One thing dealer should continue to keep you a loyal customer
I always enjoy a close relationship with someone I know -- without any doubt -- I can trust anytime of the day if I need their confidence. I want to say, I am very pleased with my new Toyota Corolla. Please continue to assist me with my physical issues -- such as highlighting safety features with after sales demonstrations (when I need it) and bringing to my attention little nuances about new car features. I attempted to provide feedback last week and I gave up trying after I lost all my data. It was late at night and I didn't get back to it until now...thanks for the email.
April 12, 2018
I arrived before the dealership opened by nearly a half hour expecting to wait for a while. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the faculty representative who invited me in and immediately began the service process. Thank you for your efforts to take care of me.
Ronald S.
April 4, 2018
Keep up the friendliness. keep up the bicycle give away for area 6th graders who do not miss any days of school this year. three of my grandchildren have earned a bicycle. Hopefully one more this year. Keep up the cleanliness of waiting area and show room.
Roberta F.
Offered a nearly-new vehicle to get around while my vehicle was being serviced. Personnel were professional and friendly. Service was completed quickly. Free car wash.
Teresa H.
March 15 2018
I have bought quit a few cars from Rogers, and I will continue whenever we need a different car. Rogers has always treated us right and fair.
Lynn W.
I cannot think that Rogers Toyota could make me MORE loyal...I would not buy a Prius anywhere else Well since it seems that we buy a Prius every eight years be sure to have a GREAT one around March 2025
Joanne P.
Just keep up the good work. They greeted us upon arrival, and got our vehicle in right-a-way. They were fast and kept us informed of everything that was done and needed to be done. Thank You
Lawrence K
I definitely plan to be a loyal customer. The treatment that I receive from the staff is exceptional.
Nancy H.
You've already got me for life even if I were to move. LaNae was exceptional, promote her if you have to but don't let her leave......... REALLY enjoyed her sales with our Highlander. The Loyal Family nothing, you guy's are great!
Robert L
Your emphasis on the customer is outstanding and will keep me as a future customer. Change nothing!
Cheryl J.
The experience was exceptional and I plan to do business with Rogers Toyota in the future. I have been unsatisfied in the past with the service I received at my local Toyota that in my opinion is really a Ford service center. It was a pleasure to do business with a service center that is specialized in providing needs for my Toyota. I plan to utilize Rogers Toyota as part of my future service needs. I had a great experience at Rodgers Toyota, their a keeper.
Tim C
The attention to detail, the multi-point inspection was stellar. I've been getting my Toyota serviced at another Toyota dealership the past 6 years and for the first couple of years the service was good but it had been steadily going downhill. My wife bought her car at Rogers and convinced me to give them a try. It was well worth the effort. I was treated extremely well, the service tech and manager explained some needed service and I was able to get that worked in while there, saving me an additional trip, plus ensuring my safety. Top notch service, that's all I can say.
Alane W.
The staff at Rogers is second to non, from the way they treat their customers, to the highly trained staff in the service department I couldn't ask for a better place to buy my vehicles as well as get them serviced.
Justin P
David Bradley was the best salesman I have ever worked with! Brian and I had the best experience trading in my pickup to get my dream rig!!!! Thank you guys so much! Thank you for working FOR us rather than just working!!!
Danielle M
2015 me and my husband got a rav4 we loved that with our hectic schedule we could email a sales rep. And get a quote on the this day we still love the kind attentive service we receive, and the time they take when washing our car.:)
Ashley B
Thank you to Corey Kelley in service and thank you to Rian Rogers for taking care of a broken sunroof on our 2009 mustang! They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my used car purchase! I have been a customer for 4 years now and they will be seeing alot more business from me in the future! Thanks guys!
Super fantastic customer service! Our salesman, Ricky Hernandez was hands down
the best in the biz! He is very knowledgeable as well as accommodating!
I recommend Ricky @ Rodgers Toyota for all your car buying needs!
Tracey B
Ricky Hernandez has excellent customer service skills. Made buying a new vehicle an awesome experience. Thank You!
I am looking to purchase a vehicle and I have shopped around town and have always been partial to Dodge but after hearing and seeing how fantastic Toyota is and how I can get more for my money. Hats off to your salesman I am a believer and when the time is right I will be purchasing my next vehicle from Ricky Hernandez at Rogers Toyota in Lewiston, Idaho.
Sheldon was very helpful and could answer any questions I had. I highly recommend going to see him if you need a new or used car.
Rogers Toyota is wonderful!! Thanks for your great service! They were waiting for me when I drove up and answered my questions and showed me to the hot cookies and coffee. Love the great service. Thanks everyone! Love it that they even wash my car!!
I was able to get the time and date i needed within a minute. Very helpful staff. Continue to listen to my needs or input.
I really appreciated use of a vehicle while my truck was being repaired. I had a busy schedule and Rogers allowed me the opportunity to complete my work without delay. My experience was very positive from the moment I scheduled my appointment until I drove away 6 hours later. In my view, Rogers Toyota is a template for getting it done in their business. I would recommend other dealerships send their leaders to Rogers to learn how to conduct a successful business. She greeted me warmly, was prepared for my arrival, and simply took great care of me while there. I'll not mention her name here but Rogers has hired an exceptional employee who represents her employer professionally and, equally as important, personally. She obviously likes her job and her company. Being honest with the customer. Don't change anything.
Very professional in every way, and he treats me like a lady. A true Gentleman. They were willing to work with me.He also worked with me to make this car mine. Exceptional service. Another very important thing in buying a car is the service afterward for years to come. They have that covered too. My car is washed for free anytime I want while I drink gourmet coffee and eat warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies.
The service at Rogers Toyota was prompt and friendly and the staff is very knowledgeable. I appreciate that they provide a print out of recommended and necessary services, which includes cost, and they don't pressure me to schedule maintenance or repairs at the time of receiving this information. In short, continuing to respect my timeline and budget will keep me loyal. :)
Awesome as always. No problems up front and informative. Being honest to customers about their car if any problems with car/vehicle. keep providing good service
I was a little late and everyone was still very nice and genuinely helpful. When I changed my mind and asked to be shuttled down the road and realized the shuttle had left, the service advisor brought a second mechanic over to finish the servicing quicker. I felt blessed to have a short wait time, especially having my 10 year old daughter with me.
I really appreciate the Rogers' team dedication to quality and service. Each employee I've dealt with goes above and beyond in every little matter. I never thought I'd buy from a dealership, but I'm so glad I did,
Sept, 2013
I have absolutely no complaint I was treated with respect. Very friendly. No problems. I am very pleased with the job that was done. I couldn't believe it was done so rapid.
Sept, 2013
For me with my work schedule changing frequently it is best to have service work (oil change) done on the weekends. Knowing I can take my Venza in without an appointment is wonderful. I usually just wait for the service to be done. The lounge provides a positive waiting environment. All points of my service results were clearly pointed out to me, what may need done in the future, etc. They are taking good care of my Venza. Always quality service and work. So appreciate the car wash as well!
Aug, 2013
The staff was extremely helpful. I had a full days business to conduct and needed a ride. They took me and picked me up to my appointment. Great service.Took care of my scheduling/service needs and a recall matter that was due on my FJ.
Aug, 2013
Kyle was a really helpful salesman. He was very informative about the used cars you had on the lot (Which is what I was initially looking for). I test drove a few cars before realizing it would be a better deal to go with a newer car. He would text me and have me come in to check out cars he thought I would be interested in right when they came in to the lot. I really appreciate all the help leading me to the decision of the 2014 corolla. I went to Kendall auto before I came to Rogers and was unhappy with the price they were offering on my trade in. I mentioned this to Kyle as something that was extremely important to my car buying experience. He talked to the finance department and used car manager and I really loved how helpful he was throughout the whole deal. He was genuinely concerned with my thoughts and opinions the entire time
Josey B.
July, 2013
He was great! Organized and followed up with me when he said he would. Car was clean after service. Quick process, he went and grabbed my car for me which was nice. Friendly and honest.
Megan L.
July, 2013
Remember me. I have bought several cars and trucks as we buy our grandkids their first auto. We pay cash so I want it to be a good experience, not waiting or having to talk to "the guy upstairs". That's why I encourage them to choose Rogers. I have always been treated with respect and honesty. Thank you. I have 5 more Grandchildren to go!
Joan R.
June, 2013
I, Mary M, am very happy to let you know, my experience in buying my TOYOTA was SUPER, do to the extreme excellence of your salesmen and staff. I worked with Justin, Kevin and Steve. I will be very happy to recommend others to buy Toyota. I LOVE MY VAN! Thank You to all. Mary M. has a smiley face.
Mary M.
June, 2013
Service advisor was very nice, very accommodating. Got my truck in quickly, offered me transportation so I could continue to work while truck was being serviced. Upon return, truck was clean and ready, bill was explained and recommended services for next time were explained, which is very helpful in planning my next service. Overall, a great experience!
Eric C
April, 2013
I bought an 05 camry from you guys back in october of last year and I couldn't have had better service nor a better car than you guys got me. I absolutely love it. At the time I was working in pullman and needed a much better car than my 76 corolla that I was driving before the winter hit up there, and you guys came through just in time. That car plows through snow and ice and everything else. I bought chains for it in case, but that car was so good with snow, even when the roads had an inch of packed snow on them my camry did amazing on it. Thank you so much guys, my next car will surely be bought through you.
Leevon P
March, 2013
The staff at Rogers are so professional and such a pleasure to deal with. What a contrast between Rogers and another dealership that we visited. Keep up the good work Rogers! We appreciate your ability to be an exceptional business. Thank yoiu for your superb treatment.
Richard O
March, 2013
Spencer was absolutely great! I developed rapport with him immediately and truly enjoyed meeting him. He has the ability to "go places" in any field he chooses. I even gave his card to some friends.We didn't negotiate. That's one part of buying a car that I absolutely detest, so I didn't "haggle". He gave me a fair price and I took it. He really did a good job. I don't like that paper work and having a high pressure sales person pushing me. This young man went through the various items and then we discussed what I needed, in my view he worked with me and I came out feeling that he had helped me choose what would be helpful to me and not just money in Toyota's pocket. All the facilities are excellent. This is my third Prius, so I'm fairly familiar with the agency. The people who work there are truly amazing. I have NEVER been mistreated in any way. I've always been offered a ride home, or a car to use, if my car had to be left for more than a reasonable length of time. If I choose to wait, I always look forward to a comfortable chair and fresh coffee and cookies.
Janet S
March, 2013
Continue to have a friendly staff, and be attentive to my needs and wants. I have purchased 4 cars from them in the last 3 years for a reason. I drive by my local dealership twice a day to go to work and back. Where I bought my 2008 Camry and 2009 Venza. They have since lost my business, I have purchased a 2011 Highlander, 2011 Venza, 2012 Scion, and 2012 Prius since then at Rogers. I drive 40 miles each way to go to Rogers.
Eric E
March, 2013
Justin and Pat are always great to deal with. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Point out the needed repairs but don't oversell it. I like the professionalism the bring! Many services centers take oil and filter changes for granted. It is a small sale and effort sometimes reflect the service requested. This usually shows up in spilled oil that burns off when you leave. Lots of times you find an oil smudge somewhere, often on you steering wheel or seat. I have never had this happen at Rogers. Clean shop and clean friendly team members.
Daniel K
February, 2013
Kyle Neal was very helpful. He was not pushy on any extras to be added on to the loan and he had a lot of good information. We were very impressed with Kyle. Not being a pushy salesman or finance department and take care of any problem we may have and not act like it is a hassle. We have had a horrible experience at another car dealership in Lewiston and we will never go back because of it. We did not have one negative thing happen to us at Rogers Toyota dealership without them taking care of it properly.
Michael R
February, 2013
My Service Advisor was Justin Fraser. He is always very professional and extremely helpful. I leave there always feeling like my service experience was great. To me-service is the biggest issue I have had in the past with other dealerships. If the service people don't care-it's a deal breaker for me. This dealership has great service people! This is the best place to go for service. I actually love to wait here! It's comfortable, relaxing and always has the best snacks and drinks.
Jerri S
February, 2013
Extensive automotive knowledge and background was appreciated. She was thorough and accurate in all she said and did. She was friendly and courteous. I was shown the features of the car in a warm, enclosed area and the sales person drove with me so I could drop off my rental car - very nice service.
Helen L
January, 2013
Service was fast, complete and everyone was very courteous; fast oil change and they washed my truck!; It was ready and washed; The service is exceptional but you are located too far from me.
January, 2013
I have purchased several vehicles from Jeff Courtney over the past 10+ years and would not consider buying from anyone else. Jeff id professional, courtesy, and he follows up through out your ownership with the vehicle to see if he can answer any questions or concerns. I know Jeff is there for me and he is the one to call.Rogers Motors is very easy to do business with. Makes buying a car a nice experience and that is why I am a repeat customer.,
January, 2013
FAST service, went in for an oil change but also had a recall service done. We were given a time frame and the vehicle work was done right away and finished a lot earlier than expected. Very nice. Very efficient - reception and work.
January, 2013
Kevin was professional, personable, and very knowledgeable. I wasn't sure that I was even going to purchase a new Toyota when I entered the showroom, but Kevin was patient with me and answered all my questions about your Toyotas. He is the one reason I purchased a new Highlander. Kevin is an excellent salesman.
January, 2013
Kyle was a fabulous salesperson that really listened to my wants and needs to direct my interest towards the perfect choice! All the staff at Rogers seem to care a great deal about the customers and I look forward to years of service and future purchases there! I am extremely impressed with the exceptional experience.
December, 2012
In 40 years of buying vehicles this dealership stands above all others
September 23, 2012
I needed a TACOMA and found a perfect match at ROGERS TOYOTA SCION. Their customer care, patience and sincerity is greatly appreciated. 5 STAR treatment from...great dealership!
Jim S
September 23, 2012
I needed a TACOMA and found a perfect match at ROGERS TOYOTA SCION. Their customer care, patience and sincerity is greatly appreciated. 5 STAR treatment from...great dealership!
August, 2012
No dickering or baloney, straight forward dealing with no running back and forth to the sales manager. Easy transaction.
August 1, 2012
Kudos to this dealership for putting together a welcoming, low pressure sales process and great staff!
August, 2012
Overall, we enjoyed working with the folks at Rogers and we appreciate how quiet the Sienna is!
July 13, 2012
We just purchased a mini-van for our family. They made the process easy, from helping with our selection, financing and transfer of vehicles.
July, 2012
John Ulmen the car salesman was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Very professional. My best experience ever in buying a car.
June, 2012
The serviceman greeted me at the door and pumped up my stroller tire for me so I could go for a walk while I waited. I arrived a bit earlier than my scheduled time and they were done with my van well before they said they would be. I appreciated that!
June, 2012
I've never been through such a good experience like the one we had at Rogers. I really can't think how you could improve any more than what they have going on now.
June, 2012
The staff made the purchase seamless, and were very prompt. The experienc was very positive. I can't think of anything else they could have done. (The cookies were great)!
May 23, 2012
The staff at Rogers Toyota was very informative and easy to work with. They really did care about what I wanted. It was a great experience and I would buy from them again. Thank You Rogers Staff!
May, 2012
This is a wonderful dealership. Always get excellent customer service. My husband really likes the fresh cookies. I like the discount coupons. Will continue using them gladly! Love the car being washed too! Thanks, guys!